Uk made banana split boiled sweets.
bana-split-singlebanan-splitWILLETTS BANANA SPLITS 150G BAG



Old fashioned traditional english boiled sweet with a banana taste made to a traditional receipe in copper pans

Flavours Banana
Centres Hard
Wrapped Yes
Size 12 X150G Handy Bags, Wrapped 2.5 KG Jars, Wrapped 3KG Bulk Bag
Ingredients Sugar, Brown Sugar, Glucose Syrup, HPKO OIL, Condensed Milk 8% Fat, Salt, & Flavouring and Natural Colours E100,E150
Why Willetts Sweets

We are a family business established in 1927 and are still making old fashioned traditional boiled sweets, the type sold in jars. We manufacture over 100 types of sweets. We are based in Chesterfield Derbyshire which is also famous for its Crooked Spire.